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National Days in January

National Days in January:

Date Day National Days
January 1 Saturday
  • New Year’s Day
  • National Hangover Day
  • National Bloody Mary Day
January 2 Sunday
  • National Buffet Day
  • National Cream Puff Day
  • National Science Fiction Day
  • National Personal Trainer Awareness  Day
January 3 Monday
  • National Fruitcake Toss Day
  • National Drinking Straw Day
  • National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
January 4 Tuesday
  • National Trivia Day
  • National Spaghetti Day
January 5 Wednesday
  • National Bird Day
  • National Screenwriters Day
  • National Whipped Cream Day
January 6 Thursday
  • National Bean Day
  • National Cuddle Up Day
  • National Technology Day
  • National Shortbread Day
January 7 Friday
  • National Tempura Day
  • National Bobblehead Day
January 8 Saturday
  • National Argyle Day
  • National JoyGerm Day
  • National Bubble Bath Day
  • National English Toffee Day
  • National Winter Skin Relief Day
January 9 Sunday
  • National Apricot Day
  • National Static Electricity Day
  • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
January 10 Monday
  • National Save The Eagles Day
  • National Oysters Rockefeller Day
  • National Cut Your Energy Cost Day
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
January 11 Tuesday
  • National Milk Day
  • National Arkansas Day
  • National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • National Step In The Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day
January 12 Wednesday
  • Kiss A Ginger Day
  • National Marzipan Day
  • National Pharmacist Day
  • National Curried Chicken Day
January 13 Thursday
  • National Sticker Day
  • Korean American Day
  • National Peach Melba Day
  • National Rubber Ducky Day
  • Stephen Foster Memorial Day
January 14 Friday
  • National Ratification Day
  • National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
January 15 Saturday
  • National Hat Day
  • National Bagel Day
  • National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
January 16 Sunday
  • National Nothing Day
  • National Fig Newton Day
  • National Without A Scalpel Day
  • National Religious Freedom Day
January 17 Monday
  • National Bootlegger’s Day
  • National Hot Buttered Rum Day
January 18 Tuesday
  • National Michigan Day
  • National Thesaurus Day
  • National Peking Duck Day
  • National Winnie The Pooh Day
January 19 Wednesday
  • National Popcorn Day
January 20 Thursday
  • National Disc Jockey Day
  • National Buttercrunch Day
  • National Cheese Lover’s Day
January 21 Friday
  • National Hugging Day
  • National Granola Bar Day
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day
January 22 Saturday
  • National Blonde Brownie Day
January 23 Sunday
  • National Pie Day
  • National Handwriting Day
January 24 Monday
  • National Compliment Day
  • Beer Can Appreciation Day
  • National Peanut Butter Day
January 25 Tuesday
  • National Florida Day
  • National Opposite Day
  • National Irish Coffee Day
January 26 Wednesday
  • National Spouses Day
  • National Green Juice Day
  • National Peanut Brittle Day
January 27 Thursday
  • National Chocolate Cake Day
January 28 Friday
  • National Data Privacy Day
  • National Blueberry Pancake Day
January 29 Saturday
  • National Puzzle Day
  • National Kansas Day
  • National Corn Chip Day
January 30 Sunday
  • National Croissant Day
January 31 Monday
  • National Backward Day
  • National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

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January 15:

  • National Hat DayThe day involves people wearing their favorite hats and sharing stories on why they love them.
  • National Bagel DayAcknowledge the history of a bread that is 600 years old with its varying scope available today.
  • National Strawberry Ice Cream DayThis day encourages all the strawberry ice cream fans to cherish, make, and have them with family and friends.

January 16:

January 17:

January 18:

January 19:

January 20:

January 21:

  • National Hugging DayThe day is meant to help people portray their emotions in public.
  • National Granola Bar DayCelebrate the love for granola bars and the people who enjoy eating them.
  • Squirrel Appreciation DayObserved to appreciate the unsuspecting environmental rehabilitators who are quite infamous when it comes to their wild nature.

January 22:

January 23:

  • National Pie DayDay devoted to one of the most delicious, versatile, and ubiquitous foods in the US- pies.
  • National Handwriting DayEncourages the art of penmanship that has been taking a toll since the arrival of the typewriters and Keyboards.

January 24:

January 25:

  • National Florida DayObserved in recognition of Florida, the 27th state to join the USA.
  • National Opposite DayThis day gives you many opportunities to have fun and make everyone laugh by saying the opposite of what you would usually say.
  • National Irish Coffee DayCelebrates the legendary blending of strong coffee and some Irish Whiskey!

January 26:

January 27:

January 28:

January 29:

  • National Puzzle DayRemind ourselves how puzzles can keep our brains working smart.
  • National Kansas DayThis holiday is meant to celebrate Kansas’s entrance into the USA in 1861.
  • National Corn Chip DayThis is the day for the corn chip lovers, encouraging them to celebrates their favorite snack with whipped dips.

January 30:

January 31: